California Business Laws

Even established businesses can benefit from the guidance of a Los Angeles business law attorney when it comes to dealing with California business laws. Whether you’re well established or just starting out, there’s a good chance that at some point, you’ll need help with some aspect of business law.

Setting Up the Proper Type of Business

There are many classifications of businesses you can establish in California and each one carries its own benefits and drawbacks, as well as qualifications and registration processes. California business laws identify corporations and partnerships as two major types of businesses. A Los Angeles business law attorney can help you examine your business structure and advise you on which is appropriate for your business.

A partnership or limited liability partnership (LLP) should be considered with other parties that have a skill set or assets that are unlike yours so they can add additional collateral to the business. It’s no use for two accountants with the exact same credentials and expertise areas to join in a partnership, as they will only serve one type of client. It’s best to have one that specializes in estate taxes and one that does commercial accounting to diversify the services offered by the business.

A corporation or limited liability corporation (LLC) is best for protecting the personal assets of the business owners and shareholders. If any sort of lawsuit is brought against your business, the corporation is the party that will be sued, not the individuals who are involved in its ownership. Corporations also benefit from tax breaks, deductions, and other financial bonuses.

California Business Laws and Lawsuits

Your Los Angeles business law attorney will know that the best way to resolve a lawsuit or any type of litigation involving your business is through arbitration. Arbitration can be considered a quick version of a trial and is conducted by an arbitrator, usually a retired judge, a lawyer or a mutually agreed upon third party. A Los Angeles business law attorney can assist you in adding a clause into your contracts that calls for arbitration instead of litigation in instances of dispute. 

Arbitration has many benefits to all parties, including quicker resolutions, less publicity and lower costs for all involved. The decision in arbitration is final with no recourse for appeal, so it should be used only when advised and reviewed by an experienced Los Angeles business law attorney.

Hiring a Los Angeles Business Law Attorney

There are many elements of California business laws that apply to all aspects of your business operations. While it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of these laws, most issues should be dealt with by a professional Los Angeles business law attorney. From incorporating your business to helping with commercial leases for office space and land, an attorney can manage applications, paperwork, and any sort of legal action that needs to be taken on behalf of your business.

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