A Breakdown of Intellectual Property

ideaCreativity is something that this world is abundant in. It’s seen in inventions like the light bulb and concepts like electricity, but also thrives in arts such as music and drawing. While some products, recipes and names are easy to call your own, how do you ensure that an idea or concept that has yet to physically be created, is not stolen by another individual? For some the concept of intellectual property seems absurd, because it shouldn’t be difficult to claim an idea as your own; unless it’s a great one and there are other individuals waiting to claim it as their own, as well.

Where does ALDI Law Group come in?

At ALDI Law Group, we have a team of litigation lawyers that are all experienced in different areas of law. From construction law to international tax laws, we work with plenty of cases where intellectual property comes up. Because it is such a frequent topic, we feel that it is something that we can definitely go into further depth with, therefore, the next couple of blogs that we do will be based around intellectual property, how it works, what it is considered, examples and explanations so that you can have a better understanding of this concept that we work with quite frequently.

How will you benefit from this information? 

If you’re interested in how intellectual property works or feel that you have ideas and concepts that you’d like to keep your own, so that you can ensure they are patented and/or trademarked, then this series is one that you’ll find plenty useful. This information has proven to be extremely helpful for individuals that are just now working with a product or concept, as well as individuals who are in the middle of cases and claims regarding intellectual property. Regardless of whether or not you’re just getting starting with an intellectual property case, or you’re hoping to finalize legal documentation down the road, you will find clarification through this information so that you can be prepared as you enter this next step.

Thanks for stopping by for the introduction to our series, stay tuned for in the next couple of days as we definite intellectual properties and breakdown what the law and organizations look for in deeming them a piece of true, intellectual property. Until then, call our office with any questions that you have regarding the services that we offer or to ask about our team of litigation lawyers, we are more than happy to help.