At Adli Law Group, You'll Find a Litigation Lawyer with Impeccable Skill

At ADLI Law Group, you’ll find the premier team for anyone seeking a copyright lawyer in Los Angeles – or around the globe, for that matter. That’s because our legal team – led by the incomparable Dr. Dariush ADLI, PhD, Esq. – serves business professionals, artists and various other clients in need of legal counsel in L.A., London Tokyo and Taipei. We understand that today’s economy is a truly globalized marketplace, and we strive to ensure the rights of our clients are protected from patent trolls and other litigation concerns – no matter where they reside.

The rise of new media has allowed many entrepreneurs to flourish with exciting new business ventures. However, the pioneering technological landscape has also provided fresh opportunities to those with unsavory intentions, leading many to ask our legal experts to define “patent trolls”. Simply put, patent trolls are persons or companies that enforce their patents against alleged infringement in a manner that is considered unduly aggressive or opportunistic.

In short, these trolls are individuals or groups with no intention to manufacture or market a product, but instead hope to reap large sums of money from lawsuits against legitimate business persons. For small businesses, a patent troll can be devastating, yet even for a large business, the financial strain and frustration of a drawn out legal battle can pose a substantial threat – requiring a first rate patent lawyer. At ADLI Law Group, you’ll find precisely that – an innovative legal team that is willing to fight for the rights of every client with stunning a sagacity and world-class experience.