An Attorney Who Knows More than the Law

Dr. Dariush Adli, Ph.D., Esq. has a background that is impressive to say the least. Before starting his own legal practice, he worked as the head of the Patent Group division at a leading Los Angeles-based law firm. But his experience isn’t only in law. He also holds a doctorate degree in Engineering Physics and a bachelor’s degree in Physics and Electronics from the University of Michigan.

Along with an engineering background, Dr. Adli and his team at the ADLI Law Group P.C., also know trademark law. At first, this may seem almost unrelated, but many engineers and engineering companies have trademarks that need to be protected. So if a company is searching for a Los Angeles trademark attorney they’d want to put the ADLI Law Group P.C. at the top of their list. And any engineering company that also may deal with creative content (perhaps when they’re advertising) would also want to be aware of copyright litigation in Los Angeles and maybe even international copyright litigation.

When an engineer, or the owner or manager of a business revolving around engineering needs legal support, the ADLI Law Group is an obvious and wise choice. They have an excellent business lawyer in Los Angeles and, having been found by Dr. Adli (who on top of his degrees was also a lead scientist at Duke Electric Power), can understand the intricacies of the combination of business and engineering. And when it comes to the reasoning of smart business, competent legal support is essential.