Adli Law Group P.C., Patent Troll Specialists

Are you a business owner, inventor or entrepreneur? How confident are you that you could accurately define patent trolls? If you aren’t sure, then it is likely you have not had to interact with one—and fortunately so for you! A patent troll is a person or entity that patents a product or idea with no intention of putting it to use. That way, when someone else thinks up a similar idea and tries to move forward with manufacturing and distributing it, the patent troll can take legal action to secure a great deal of money for the rights to the product.

To effectively counter the tactics of a patent troll, you may need to solicit the services of a litigation attorney at ADLI Law Group P.C. There are a number of options you could take to defend yourself against a patent troll, like drafting a cease and desist letter. After assessing the circumstances of your case, ADLI Law Group will pair your business with one of its well-qualified copyright lawyer in Los Angeles and help guide you to a legal victory.

Since the firm’s inception, ADLI Law Group P.C. has defended the rights of its clients against aggressive patent trolls. Our firm has four office locations around the world, including in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Taipei. So no matter where in the world you are, ADLI Law Group P.C. can help you resolve your patent dispute with competence and class. Call our offices today to arrange a free consultation.