ADLI Law Group Can Help

The attorneys at the ADLI Law Group P.C. have decades of expertise in a variety of areas of the law, from patent litigation to family claims, real estate and business disputes. Founded by Dr. Dariush Adli, a highly regarded authority in patent law and business law, our group of attorneys can help you with contract disputes, commercial defect defense, divorce questions, and intellectual property issues.

If you need help with custody and marriage settlement questions, Marina Manoukian has 20 years of family law and civil litigation experience. As one of Los Angeles’s most experienced Armenian family law attorneys, Ms. Manoukian speaks both English and Armenian to help you understand family law processes in a language you are comfortable with. She understands that family is very important, and even if you and your spouse seek a divorce, that does not mean your family has gone away. She will support you through the divorce and custody process so that you get a resolution that is fair and meets your needs. Ms. Manoukian also has experience with construction and business litigation, and can help with contract renegotiation and defense against construction defect claims.

ADLI Law Group is proud to have several highly skilled and experienced attorneys to help you with any facet of contract and intellectual property law – including patent, trademark, copyright and trade secrets – that you need. While our offices are based in Los Angeles, California, we have several satellite offices all over the country and the world, including Taipei, Tokyo, London, and Dallas. Many of our attorneys speak multiple languages, as well, so whether you need help negotiating contracts in Spanish, or assistance from a Japanese business lawyer who understands both US and Japanese customs, the ADLI Law Group is here to assist you.