ADLI Attorney Anthony McClaren is Featured by The Daily Journal for Conquering Mount Everest

Anthony McClaren, Head of Labor and Employment for ADLI Law Group recently returned home after summiting Mount Everest only a few days before the highly publicized fatal traffic jam on the mountain. The traffic jam, which killed 11 climbers (including fellow climber, Nihal Bagwan) has received extensive media coverage with critics placing the blame on Nepal and others blaming the weather.  In an interview with the Daily Journal, Anthony discusses his experience on the mountain, the loss of his fellow climber, how he saw the impending traffic jam and avoided it, and his advice for future expeditions on the mountain.

Nearly two years ago, Anthony set out to climb the tallest mountains on all seven continents to raise awareness for Parkinson’s Disease, which killed his father in December 2016.  Everest was the sixth summit on his list, and he is now poised to tackle the seventh and final mountain in November when he attempts Antarctica’s 16,000-foot Vinson Massif.

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