About Entertainment and New Media Laws

The creative community based around film and television in Los Angeles, provides enjoyable content for audiences to consume the world over. They help to entertain and inspire people with their ideas; ideas that need to be protected if the entertainment industry is to remain viable. Dr. Dariush Adli, Ph.D., Esq., the founder and president of the ADLI Law Group P.C., knows this fact, and knows how important it is to patent intellectual property. That’s why his team thoroughly understands the ins and outs of copyright litigation Los Angeles and can deal with almost any situation in entertainment and/or new media.

The new media sector is growing increasingly important for most members of the worldwide creative community. It’s an intersection between art and technology, which can call for a patent lawyer in Los Angeles who knows about the way innovation works, and the way it should be rewarded. Beyond Los Angeles, the ADLI Law Group P.C. can also help internationally, with established contacts in London, Tokyo, and Taipei. It’s this kind of outstanding mixture of international and local community knowledge that Dr. Adli and his team provide that make their firm stand out.

There are so many aspects to entertainment and new media. Whether it be content released online or elsewhere, it needs to be protected so that the creators are appropriately rewarded for their risk and hard work. Owners and managers of entertainment corporations already know this, and will want an established business lawyer in Los Angeles who doesn’t just know law, but who thoroughly understands both the industry and its many players.