A Tax Lawyer Los Angeles Trusts

At ADLI Law Group P.C., our clients enjoy effective legal representation that provides a blend of varied, in-depth, and hands on experience in U.S. and international tax litigation matters. That is why, when our clients find that they are dealing with a tax-related situation and need effective representation, they repeatedly come to us for all their tax needs. Our founder, Dr. Dariush Adli, a world renowned expert in business and intellectual property law, notes that the first thing business owners need to do when faced with any type of government audit or other tax issue is to consult with a tax lawyer in Los Angeles or elsewhere the as quickly as possible in order to try to get the case dismissed.

In nearly all audit situations, the litigation attorney representing a business can file for an appeal on the business’ behalf, saving the business time and funds that may have otherwise been lost. In appropriate situations, ADLI Law Group is ready to litigate when we find it to be within our client’s best interests. Corporate tax departments, owners of small businesses, and individual clients hire us because of our excellent tax litigation track record and our extensive experience.

At ADLI Law Group P.C., we understand the importance of having a skilled and respected attorney fight for you, because there’s never a good reason to pay more taxes than you must. You can contact us today by phone or email to find out more about the world class legal services we provide and to learn more about how we can help both individuals and corporations maximize their earnings.