A Patent Lawyer from Adli Law Group, P.C. can be Invaluable

At ADLI Law Group, P.C., you’ll find a team that is on the forefront of business, litigation and intellectual property matters across the globe. We’re a definitive presence in the arena of patent, counterfeiting, trade secrets, and trademark litigation among other modern professional needs, a fact that can largely be attributed to our firm’s lead attorney and founder, Dr. Dariush Adli.

Considering his background, it should come as no surprise that Dr. Adli is a renowned patent lawyer in Los Angeles. Prior to founding his legal practice, the distinguished attorney served as Head of the Patent Group at a large international firm in L.A.

Dr. Adli is primarily focused on litigation in high tech companies in electrical and mechanical arts, including semiconductor, integrated circuit, computer hardware, architecture, software, digital processing and communications. His focus on science-related fields as a litigation attorney stems in large part from his own achievements in science – he holds a doctorate in engineering physics and has authored numerous articles that have been published in scientific journals. This expertise serves to provide Dr. Adli and his team with a skillset and analytical ability to take on complex cases regarding patents for new innovations that is unmatched by other legal firms.

The team at ADLI Law Group, P.C. also includes a number of experts in entertainment, publishing and new media that can match Dr. Adli in terms of their breadth of understanding in the field and dedication to providing effective legal counsel. If you’re looking to defend your company’s patents and intellectual property, you can do no better than to contact our expert team.