A Law Firm with Breadth and Depth

When your business is searching for a law firm with which to partner, the top criteria is usually experience and legal knowledge necessary to come out on top whether in or out of court. What is also important is securing the guidance of a legal team that hails from a variety of different legal specialties. Whether you need an entertainment lawyer, a business lawyer, a construction lawyer, or a copyright lawyer in Los Angeles, you can find the perfect attorney to represent you at ADLI Law Group P.C.

Our clients enlist our team of attorneys to fight for them in all manners of business litigation because they know that we are true litigators who will go the extra mile to win. While some law firms will only take cases that they can easily settle out of court, our legal experts will back you and your business when you need it most. Although no one wants the stresses that can come with a court battle, we do everything we can to bear the burden of the case so you can focus on continuing to grow your business.

In addition to handling all manners of business law, we are also the landing place for anyone looking for an experienced family law attorney in Glendale. There is nothing more important than family, and we will fight for your rights in cases involving custody, alimony, or general division of assets. By taking a caring yet concerted approach to the most sensitive issues, we help clients feel secure in their legal rights when they are feeling most vulnerable.