A Family Lawyer Who's Invested in You

In any legal situation, having experience and know-how on your side is always a critical component for being able to achieve the desired outcome. When it comes time to make your choice for legal representation on a sensitive family matter, you need a highly skilled legal team like ADLI Law Group to fight in your corner and deliver the best results. At ADLI Law, we take pride in our stellar reputation, and want to ensure that you’ll be in good hands if you find yourself in need of a family law attorney in Glendale and throughout Los Angeles and Southern California.

Though ADLI Law Group is well-known and respected for clients looking for business litigation in Los Angeles, we are proud of our large and talented team of legal experts that is experienced in a broad spectrum of legal areas. This range of expertise extends to the important topic of family law, and our lawyers are completed committed to providing the best possible representation to any client who seeks our services.

We understand that family law can be a very complex and challenging area, and that the personal stakes can be high. You can rely on our team to remain dedicated and personally invested in your case and to help you understand the best options available to you. Areas of our expertise and experience include divorce, custody, child support, alimony, and a wide range of other relevant topics and disputes. At ADLI Group, our team is standing by to provide skilled assistance for your most important legal needs. Whether you’re in need of a family lawyer or an expert attorney to handle patent litigation in Los Angeles, we are ready to serve your needs.