A Commercial Law Primer on Intellectual Property Rights

Commercial law concerns the conduct of businesses, including how other companies engage with yours. Regulations for intellectual property rights including with copyrights, trademarks and patents are included under the rubric of business law. These are vital areas as they rule your company’s intangible assets such as inventions, processes, logos and marketing pieces. With national and international expertise in commercial law and business litigation, Los Angeles based ADLI Law Group, P.C. is a trusted resource for both proactive legal advice and reactive legal actions.

Proactively, your business should examine properties of value prone to theft or “borrowing” by other companies. Examples of items you may need protected:

Written works. Printed and published articles, marketing copywriting
Graphic design. Logos, various business-related graphics, trademarks
Inventions. Anything new a company comes up with
Processes. Unique business methods designed to save time and/or make money
If you have an effective logo or trademark, or want to prevent your written works from being copied for the benefit of others, be vigilant in monitoring your rights. If in need of a copyright attorney, Los Angeles headquartered ADLI Law Group, P.C. has extensive national and international expertise.

Inventions are protected by patent rights and a patent litigation attorney can help protect your original ideas, or pursue your rights under the law if you feel your invention was used without authorization by another party. Certain processes also can be patented. For new concepts falling under either umbrella (invention or process), regulations are specific and receiving a patent can be a relatively lengthy pursuit.

The ADLI Law Group, P.C. is experienced and adept at commercial and business law, both nationally and internationally with offices in Los Angeles, London, Tokyo and Taipei, Taiwan. The firm’s founder and president, Dr. Dariush ADLI, Ph.D., Esq., has authored and co-authored numerous articles published in national scientific journals, and he has built a reputation for superior success with commercial law matters.