Finding a Tax Lawyer in Los Angeles with Global Scope

When you run a business, you want to focus on the creative aspects to grow your brand. Like it or not, part of the process is dealing with taxes, and if your business works internationally, this can become incredibly complicated. ADLI Law Group P.C. is here to help. Although our main offices are in Los Angeles, we have satellite branches in Taipei, Tokyo, London, and Dallas. Our international reach means we have a thorough understanding of international tax litigation. Let our knowledge and experience serve your business goals.

ADLI Law Group was founded by Dr. Dariush Adli, a former engineer who entered patent and copyright law through his training in that highly technical field. According to Dr. Dariush Adli, who is now a world-renowned expert on the full range of international business law, it is very important to get experts, including our own tax specialist Cheryl Frank, to examine each aspect of your business, particularly when you work internationally. This can help avoid tax penalties that might limit the growth of your business. When you work with an outstanding ADLI Law tax lawyer in Los Angeles or a satellite branch, you get the skills and understanding to help your business thrive.

ADLI Law Group is a full-service business law firm offering tax services, help with patent, trademark, and copyright law, and much more. We are the place to find a business litigation attorney who is here to help your company grow, so you can focus on expanding your services while we help your business remain in compliance with all applicable laws.