Copyright Litigation & Counseling

copyright-imageFrom strategic counseling to copyright litigation, ADLI Law Group P.C. offers a full range of copyright services. These include acquirement, development, enforcement, dispute resolution, anti-counterfeiting, intellectual property litigation, anti-piracy and availability analysis. As the premier firm for copyright litigation and counseling, we also assist clients in securing transfers of copyright in works prepared by their employees and in works commissioned from independent contractors. If you are looking for a truly superb copyright lawyer, you have come to the right place.

At ADLI Law Group, we assist clients in preventing the infringement of their original works, enforcing their rights through litigation or settlement, and defending their clients against infringement allegations. ADLI Law Group can monitor and protect large existing copyright portfolios, as well as assist clients in developing and monetizing copyrights. The purview of our efforts ranges from high technology to cinematic, literary, and other creative works for those who need the assistance of a top-flight entertainment lawyer.

Whether you are a large multinational corporation, a start-up, or an individual businessperson, a leading copyright lawyer at ADLI Law Group is available to work with you and provide you with the individualized attention you deserve in identifying, securing and enforcing your copyrightable works by providing superior counseling. We help our clients with all areas where the services of a copyright attorney may be needed, including film, writings, songs, music, paintings, photography, sculpture, dramatic works, architectural plans, software, and social media.

A Firm with a Global Perspective

If you are looking for assistance with copyright in Los Angeles or anywhere in the world, we are here to help. ADLI Law Group’s outstanding legal services are available through offices in Southern California and around the world. Our Southern California branches are located in Downtown Los Angeles, Glendale, and La Canada. As a firm with national and international scope, we also maintain offices in London, Taipei, Tokyo, and Dallas. If legal issues relating to copyright in Los Angeles, Glendale or anywhere else in the U.S. or around the world need to be addressed, ADLI Law Group has the expertise to deal with the situation.


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