The patent application process is time-consuming, expensive and can be complicated depending on the nature of the idea or invention you are patenting. Especially in the case of a technology patent where extensive documentation and diagrams are necessary, you may find it beneficial to have help. Hiring a Los Angeles patent attorney with experience in technology patent acquisition is your best bet for a successful outcome. 

During Development: Documenting Your Process 4

A technology patent requires explicit documentation of the methods and research that goes in to developing the outcome you are seeking to patent. As you develop your invention, you should keep careful notes and evidence of your methods and processes for creating the final outcome. When working with a Los Angeles patent attorney they will help you collect and organize this documentation in a presentable manner for the technology patent application. 

Filing a Technology Patent Application

Once you have reached your desired outcome, you need to be prepared for the technology patent application process. This involves: 

  • drafting the physical technology patent application paperwork;
  • filing the patent application with the various patent offices;
  • answering requests from the patent office; and
  • explaining your technology patent to patent examiners.

All of these steps are familiar territory for an experienced Los Angeles patent attorney who has assisted other inventors such as yourself in successfully drafting and filing their technology patent. 

Once I file a technology patent, how does the patent approval process work? 

A technology patent has to go through the various U.S. patent offices just like any other patent. If you are applying for an international patent, extra time and effort will be required for this process. The time it takes for a patent to reach approval through the various parts of the patent offices depends on the complexity of the application – which can be extensive in the case of many technology patents.

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